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The Mlab Cusing line specializes in building small, complex objects from metal

What is Additive Manufacturing?


The new Mlab cusing R system has been developed by the company to allow economic fabrication of delicate dental products and medical implants and for medical instruments made from titanium

The ideal machine for manufacturing metal components with elaborate structures, and parts made from reactive materials like titanium.

Ideally suited to fine detail, high quality surface finish, and precision component structures

Mlab cusing R 3D printer which expands the previous range of materials to include titanium and titanium alloys. The new Mlab cusing R was developed to allow economic fabrication of delicate dental products and medical implants, and for medical instruments made from titanium.

The clever thing about the Mlab cusing R is the “drawer principle” with what is known as a glove box module for safe handling of the material. The patented drawer principle from Concept Laser enables a quick change of material without the risk of any contamination of powder materials.

The drawer system is available in three different build envelope versions: 50 x 50, 70 x 70 and 90 x 90 mm, with the height of the build envelope always 80 mm. The drawer principle enables the use of different build envelopes in a machine and the user can easily exchange the drawers. In addition, it is easy to remove the drawers for the purpose of storing materials.

The Mlab cusing R offers a range of ever increasing materials, to include: gold, silver alloys, bronze, cobalt-chromium alloys and stainless steel. New materials which can now also be processed on the machine are titanium and titanium alloys such as Rematitan® CL from Dentaurum, CL41TI ELI (Ti6Al4V) and pure titanium.

The robust and powerful 100 W fibre laser on the Mlab cusing R operates with a focus diameter of less than 25 µm in order to reproduce supreme surface qualities and intricate and delicate component structures as you can see from the images of parts produced on this system.

For medical and dental applications the Mlab cusing combines a high degree of freedom of geometry, quality and increased material density, as well as being an automated, generative production process that can run unattended — all advantageous characteristics when compared with the traditional casting methods.

Technical Data:

  • Most affordable LaserCUSING machine available.
  • Compact and efficient design.
  • Exceptionally low operating costs.
  • Requires 220V 1 Phase 50/60 cycle 16A line.
  • Includes user friendly operational software
  • High material density.
  • Minimum post processing.
  • Exceptional surface quality.
  • Produces consistent results.
  • Minimal metal waste.
Build Envelope
  • 50 x 50 mm (x, y)
  • 70 x 70 mm (x, y)
  • 90 x 90 mm (x, y)
  • z = 80 mm
Layer Thickness LaserCusinG
20-50 µm
Production Speed LaserCusing
1-5 cm3/h (depending on material)
Laser System
Fibre Laser 50W (cw) / optional 100 W (cw)
Max. Scanning Speed
7 m/s
Focus Diameter
Approx. 20-80 µm
Fixation of the build Plate
Clamping System
Connected Loads
1 Gas connection provided – Nitrogen or Argon
Inert Gas Consumption
< 4 l/min
705 x 1848 x 1220 mm ( W x H x D)
Dimensions glove box carriage
680 x 1400 x 650 mm (W x H x D)
500 kg
Operating Conditions
15-35 C
LaserCusing Materials
  • Remanium Star CL
  • Cobalt-chromium alloy (by Dentaurum)
  • CL 20ES
  • Stainless Steel
  • Titanium
  • 18 Carat yellow gold
  • 18 Carat White Gold
  • Silver
  • Palladium