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M1 Cusing Metal Laser Melting System


What is Additive Manufacturing?


M1 cusing

This robust industrial machine is suitable for the production of small to medium-sized components. The M1 cusing provides an easily accessible handling station to make it easy to perform set-up work.

The ideal machine for manufacturing metal components with elaborate structures and parts made from reactive materials like titanium.

Ideally suited to fine detail, high quality surface finish, and precision component structures.

Direct from CAD to Metal, using Additive Manufacturing

Even more power to the 3rd dimension. A good day for smaller companies. CONCEPT Laser GmbH has the machine solution for everyone who wants to start using LaserCUSING® straight away. Whether model makers, tool makers, die casters or service bureaux: M1 cusing is now available and offers a low-cost alternative to larger laser processing systems such as the M3 linear. We have improved our tried and trusted machine technology. Customers can choose both the latest 200 W fibre laser and the proven and unique layering system. The machine concept: a laser station in which the LaserCUSING® process takes place and a handling station for pre- and post-processing.

The M1 cusing laser system is now available with a larger build envelope and is ideal for the production of small to medium-sized tool inserts and functional components.

M1 Cusing Laser 3D Printer

This robust industrial machine is suitable for the production of small to medium-sized components.
The M1 cusing provides an easily accessible handling station to make it easy to perform set-up work.

Build envelope: 250 x 250 x 250 mm (x,y,z)
Laser system: Fibre laser 200 W (cw), optional 400 W (cw)

The LaserCUSING® machines are suitable among other things for processing the following material groups:

High-grade steels
Aluminium alloys
Nickel-base alloys
Titanium alloys
Pure titanium

The robust and powerful 100 W fibre laser on the Mlab cusing R operates with a focus diameter of less than 25 µm in order to reproduce supreme surface qualities and intricate and delicate component structures as you can see from the images of parts produced on this system.

For medical and dental applications the Mlab cusing combines a high degree of freedom of geometry, quality and increased material density, as well as being an automated, generative production process that can run unattended — all advantageous characteristics when compared with the traditional casting methods.

Technical Data:

  • 200 W fibre laser. The M1 cusing has the latest generation of fibre laser technology. The high radiation quality allows the production of almost ideal component densities and thus mechanical properties that remain identical throughout the series.
  • Larger build envelope. Small to medium-sized components can now be manufactured up to a size of 250 x 250 x 250 mm (x, y, z)
  • Automatic powder exchange (optional). A mobile powder handling system ensures both better accessibility to the machine and an automatic powder exchange. The personnel operating the M1 cusing have no direct contact with the metal powder.
  • Practical design. The M1 cusing has been designed so that the LaserCUSING® process takes place in the laser station under a controlled atmosphere. On completion of the component the construction process is comfortably post processed outside the laser station and a new order is prepared.
  • 100 % density during the LaserCUSING® of one-component metallic powder materials. The exposure strategies have been further improved for the M1 cusing, allowing a significant increase in the construction rates and component quality.
Build Envelope
  • 250 x 250 x 250 mm (x, y, z)
Layer Thickness LaserCusinG
20-80 µm
Production Speed LaserCusing
2-10 cm3/h (depending on material)
Laser System
Fibre Laser 200W (cw)
Max. Scanning Speed
7 m/s
Focus Diameter
Approx. 50-200 µm
Fixation of the build Plate
EROWA, System 3R / others on request
Connected Loads
  • Power consumption 7.4 kW
  • Power supply 3/N/PE AC 400 V, 32 A
  • Compressed air 5 bar
Inert Gas Supply
1 gas connection provided N 2 generator external (optional)
Inert Gas Consumption
< 1 l/m
2362 x 1535 x 2308 mm (W x D x H)
Dimensions glove box carriage
680 x 1400 x 650 mm (W x H x D)
1500 kg
Operating Conditions
15-35 C
  • CL 20ES
  • CL 100NB
  • Nickel-base alloys
  • CL 91RW
  • CL 110CoCr
  • Remanium ® star CL
  • Cobalt-chromium alloy (by Dentaurum)
  • Cobalt-chromium alloy (F75)
  • Nickel-based alloy (Inconel 718)
  • Stainless hot-work steel
  • Hot-work steel (1.2709)
  • Stainless steel (1.4404)