The new Powder Atomization Plants – Blue Power Atomizer


Powder particle size for every request

The Blue Power Atomizer – atomization plants have been particularly designed for the flexible and economic production of small-scale metal powder batches. Traditional large-scale production plants cannot provide this economic advantage. Frequently changing alloys in production require high cleaning efforts to avoid cross contamination. Particularly in R&D or precious metal powder applications small amounts of various kinds of powder are frequently required, often also new types of alloy powder not available on the market. Especially fast developing applications like SLM and MIM require more and more specialized metal powder.

The Blue Power Atomizer are developed especially for flexible and economic production of small scale / high value metal powder batches.

AU series – advantages

For a wide spectrum of alloys , e. g. Ag, Au, Cu, Sn, Fe, Co, Ni, Pd …

Inductive heating
in graphite crucibles, depending on the alloy additionally with ceramic insert crucibles, up to 2000° C

Four different versions offering crucible volumes from 0.3 – 12 l

Model AU 500 AU 1000 AU 3000 AU 12,000
crucible volume in ccm 245 – 386 1,500 3,400 12,000
volume in kg bronze 2.1 – 3.3 13 30 105
volume in kg steel* 1.6 – 2.5 9 22 80
generator kw (400 V) 10 22 30 40

*note volume reduction with ceramic crucible inserts for the HT versions



Anti-oxidation features
Possibility for degassing and oxidation-free processing by protective gas features

Gas flow optimization
Increase of powder quality by gas flow optimization in the spray chamber (avoidance of satellites)


Specific powder characteristics
by use of different atomization nozzles and optional use of hot spray gas

Modular availability of free fall as well as close coupled atomization nozzles to obtain specific metal powder characteristics. Fast and easy nozzle change.

Easy-to-clean concept: minimum metal loss and cross-contamination


Polished stainless steel surfaces prevent powder adhesions in spray chamber, cyclone and collector – all parts are easy to clean without any residues.


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